The Albanian Mafia – Germany in the grip of the drug clans (WT)

in Production ZDFinfo

Canabis, cocaine, heroin. Almost unnoticed, a new group has conquered the German drug market: the Albanian mafia. The godfathers from the Adriatic steer their business from the capital Tirana and now operate throughout Europe. A narco-state as an EU candidate: The Albanian government is trying to cover up the true situation from the international public. In fact, it is fully involved in organized crime. The Albanian mafia draws from a never-ending source of young criminals. If someone is arrested in Germany, someone new simply arrives.

Klaus Fiedler Frank Bochtler Frank Poser Julia Goschke Luca Stradmann Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof Markus Goldschmitt, Christian Deick ZDFinfo n.n.b. 1 x 45 Min. n.n.b.
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