Borgward- The biggest collaps in German automobile history


The bankruptcy of the Borgward-company in 1961 was a turning point for the young Federal Republic of Germany, because it was the first crack in the so-called German “Wirtschaftswunder”. Borgward was the fourth-largest German automobile manufacturer. But what actually happened at that time? Did his enviers thwart Borgward? And who was behind the “Spiegel”-Story, which started it at all and made the creditors go on the warpath? And why didn’t the banks give Borgward accommodation credits in his cash crisis?

The Documentary-Drama „Die Affäre Borgward (working title)” is supported by nordmedia – Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen / Bremen mbH.

Marcus O. Rosenmüller Stefan Spreer Urs Krüger Claudia Klook Wolfgang Arens Majie Pötschke Manuela Lee-Rusch Heino Herrenbrück Thomas Schwetje Martin Stock Thomas Thieme, Barbara Philipp, August Zirner, Bruno Eyron, André Mann, Anna Lena Schwing, Jürgen Heinrich, Jens Schäfer, Oliver Bootz Dagmar Rosenbauer Eric Friedler, Silke Schütze, NDR Bremen and surroundings February / March 2018 starts on 02/20/2018 01/07/219 20:15 pm, ARD
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