Deutschlands heimliche Atomtransporte


Every week high-risk radioactive materials are transferred at Hamburg’s harbour. The destinations include a uranium enrichment facility in Gronau and a fuel assembly site in Lingen. A fire on a cargo ship in Hamburg on 1 May 2013 demonstrated how suddenly accidents can happen. The ship was loaded with radioactive uranium hexafluoride. Because sites like Lingen and Gronau are not affected by Germany’s nuclear phase-out, the end of nuclear transportation is still not in sight.

Björn Platz Boris Mahlau, Daniel Nagel Karen Tonne Torsten Reimers, Gerd Hogenfeld Moritz Widmann Jörg Kunkel Stefan Bomhof Ulrich Lenze Steffen Bayer (ZDF planet e) Documentary / 1 x 30 min. ZDF planet e May 2014 a.o. Hamburg, Gronau, Düsseldorf 29 June 2014
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