Der Sturz – Honeckers Ende


This movie reconstructs the last weeks of the GDR’s former head of state and tells the story of how Erich Honecker and his wife Margot became homeless and fugitives in their own country a couple of days after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Only pastor Uwe Holmer, who used to be persecuted by the former regime, offered them shelter and protection… Journalist and film maker Eric Friedler managed to persuade Margot Honecker, formerly the most powerful woman in the GDR, to give her first extensive interview after 20 years. Sensational! Margot Honecker’s statements are being commented on by political players, former comrades, by contemporary witnesses and victims of the GDR regime. 4.2 million people wanted to watch this gripping piece of history, equalling a 13.5 percent market share. In the new federal states and Berlin, the share was even as high as 16.8 percent.

Eric Friedler, Silke Schütze Eric Friedler Boris Becker, Armin Plöger, Thomas Schäfer Florentine Bruck Michael Klaukien, Andreas Lonardoni Britta Lehnert, Moritz Widmann Daniel Buresch, Thomas Schwetje Jörg Kunkel Patricia Schlesinger Dagmar Rosenbauer Chile, div. in Deutschland September to December 2011 NDR 2 Apr 2012, ARD, 9.00 pm
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