The safecracker


Oliver Diederichsen from Hamburg cracks about 150 safes every year – from the small built-in safe at the neighbor’s around the corner, to important company safes, to the historic armored cabinet in the Flüggerhöfe at Rödingsmarkt – and he does it legally: He is a “lockpicker,” a safe and door opener who is called by the owners in an emergency if they have lost the key or the lock is broken – this allows Oliver to get to places in Hamburg that are otherwise hidden. The film accompanies Oliver Diederichsen on a special assignment to Hagenbeck Zoo, provides insights behind closed doors and tells how the Eimsbüttel native went from wine merchant to safecracker.

Jela Henning Tanja Wagener, Birgit Handke Hermann Ehresmann Valentin van Riswyck Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Lars Hering Stefan Bomhof NDR Birgit Schanzen, NDR 30 Min. 18.03.2021, 6:15 p.m., NDR
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