Der Hamburger Hafen – Elbmeile 1-3


The old and the new don’t clash as violently anywhere as they do on the Elbmeile next to the Fischmarkt in Hamburg. Every night, tons of fish are being sold, sea shanties are being sung, and prostitutes are being visited by their customers, just as it was a hundred years ago. But lately, wealthy buyers have moved into their luxurious residences in the glass apartment tower directly across the street. The amazing neighborhood of modern urban life and maritime tradition – that’s what this report is about.

Veit Bentlage Veit Bentlage Moritz Widmann Jörg Kunkel Susanne Stenner Ulrich Lenze Birgit Schanzen Hamburg Dec 2011 - Jan 2012 NDR 29.12.2012, 07.03. und 13.03.2012
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