Der digitale Patient


Businesses and health insurance companies are trying to enter the health care system with the aid of new technologies. Their aim is the complete networking and digitisation of the industry – a business worth billions. A central component of this transformation is the collection and storage of patient information on a huge scale – this is supposed to make treatment quicker and more efficient. Many doctors see benefits for their own work and for the patient. However, critics believe it will undermine data protection, personal rights and the relationship between doctors and patients. Do new technologies offer more opportunities than risks?

Stefan Bomhof, Thorsten Ernst Stefan Bomhof, Thorsten Ernst Ole Jürgens, Dirk Heuer, Boris Mahlau, Michael Kern, Florian Bentele Matthias Kreitschmann, Carsten Kramer, Daniel Zirngibl, Patrick Matthias Fey Sven Heiligenstein Stefan Bomhof Jana Gebhard, Jana Kischkat Dagmar Rosenbauer Susanne Mertens, ZDF/ARTE Documentary /30 min. ZDF / ARTE since November 2015 Germany and Guatemala 16.02.2016 um 21:30 Uhr, arte
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