Das Gold der Konquistadoren


For the very first time, a film crew follows the difficult gold route of the first German conquistadors in the New World. This expedition, led by Ambrosius Alfinger from Talfingen near Ulm almost 500 years ago in search of the fabled gold mines, today leads right through guerilla-occupied areas of Colombia.

The expedition follows the gold route of the conquistadors and leads straight to the archaeological excavation site of the very first conquistador city “Panama La Vieja” and to a diving trip for gold-laden galleons in the Caribbean.

A Film by Gisela Graichen and Michael Tauchert.

Gisela Graichen und Michael Tauchert Klaus Medrow, Robert Dinges Cinecentrum, Ulrich Lenze Moritz Widmann Jörg Kunkel Andreas Knoblauch Jean-Christoph Caron, Cinecentrum
Dr. Gudrun Ziegler, ZDF
ZDF Colombia, Panama 45 Min. ZDF, 2005
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