Bombengrab Ostsee


Bombs, grenades and chemical weapons – after World War II the Allies dumped everything in the Baltic Sea, not far from the coastline of Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Experts reckon that over a third of the seabed is still contaminated by old munitions.

Studies by the Administration of Maritime Traffic and Hydrography officially state that there are 1.6 tons of discarded weapons in German territorial waters. Since most of the steel is rusting, toxic substances are seeping into the sea and endangering the surrounding ecosystem.

Torpedoes found on the beaches of Heiligendamm or washed up phosphor on the holiday island beaches of Usedom highlight the need to deal with the problem. Yet effective depollution measures have still not been taken by the public authorities.

In this documentary we accompany marine biologist Dr. Stefan Nehring, who has been examining the problem of munitions dumped in the Baltic Sea for over 10 years. The documentary will be screened as an episode of the ZDF series “planet e.”.

Stefan Bomhof, Karlo Malmedie Boris Mahlau, André Wawro Thorsten Reimers Moritz Widmann Jörg Kunkel Steffen Bayer Ulrich Lenze Germany 31.10.2012 ZDF
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