Bilder, die Geschichte machten


A series by Guido Knopp and Ulrich Lenze

This series produced between 1991-1994 tells the story of a famous photo that went around the world in each episode.
They are the “Hot Shots” of this century. Documented images that caused a stir, touched a nerve, documented historical moments or disclosed scandals. The story behind the story: in what context, where and when was the photo taken? What are the persons depicted and/or the photographers doing today?

1st Relay

1 / 1: The girl from Vietnam
A girl badly burned by U.S. Air Force napalm bombs talks.

1 / 2: The red flag over the Reichstag
In May 1945, Red Army soldiers raise the Soviet flag over the Reichstag in Berlin.

1 / 3: The Siegerkuss
Exuberant joy at the V-Day in Times Square, New York 1945: a sailor kissing a nurse.

1 / 4: Decorations for a child
Young Wilhelm Hübner receives the Iron Cross from the hands of Adolf Hitler in March 1945.

1 / 5: The boy from Warsaw
A Jewish boy with raised hands in front of SS guns, ready to be transported to an extermination camp.

1 / 6: The leap to freedom
During the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, NVA soldier Gerhard Schumann dares to jump over the still unsecured border.

1 / 7: In Stalin’s arms 1936
At the height of the Stalin cult, a little girl visits the dictator and is photographed on his arm.

1 / 8: The Twins of Auschwitz
Two girls who survived Josef Mengele’s experiments are photographed shortly after the liberation of the concentration camp.

1 / 9: The execution
During the Vietnam War the Saigon police chief General Nguyen Loan shoots a suspect on the street.

1 / 10: The Miracle of Bern
Fritz Walter recalls the sensational victory of the German football team against Hungary at the World Cup 1954.

2nd Relay

2 / 1: Black Power
In 1968, black 200-meter sprinters Tommy Smith and John Carlos protest with raised fists against racism in the United States at the Olympic ceremony.

2 / 2: Crossing frontiers
German troops break through a barrier on the border to Poland: the beginning of World War 2.

2 / 3: Stars over Iwo Jima
After victory over Japan in 1945, American soldiers hoist their flag on Iwo.

2 / 4: The Play Girl
After forcing a British minister to step down in 1963, a naked Christine Keeler is photographed sitting astride a chair.

2 / 5: Back to the Western Wall
During the Six-Day War in 1967, the Israeli army regains power over a part of Jerusalem. The soldier Yitzhak Yifat is one of the first to stand in front of the most holy site for the Jewish people and takes off his helmet.

2 / 6: The man in the moon
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin is the star of the first portrait shot taken on an alien planet in 1969 by his commander Neil Armstrong.

2/7: The final stroke
In 1945, Marshal Keitel signs the German surrender in a destroyed Berlin.

2 / 8: Grief in Soweto
In 1976, photographer Sam Nzima documents how the police brutally shoot at a protest march of black students: dead Hector Petersen, 13 years old, is carried on the arms of a friend.

2 / 9: The Warsaw Genuflection
During a visit to Poland in 1970, Chancellor Willy Brandt symbolically asks for forgiveness in front of the memorial of the Warsaw ghetto.

2 / 10: The deadly shot
In 1963, bar owner Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald, the presumed assassin of John F. Kennedy, before running cameras at the police station in Dallas.

3rd Relay

3 / 1: The Protest 1968
A single bare-breasted man stands up against the Soviet tanks sent to put down the Prague Spring.

3 / 2: Vengeance
After the liberation of France in 1944, women suspected of being German collaborators are led through the streets of Chartres.

3 / 3: The Kiss at the City Hall
Robert Doisneau and his most famous photo: two lovers before the Paris City Hall, 1950.

3 / 4: The moment of death
Robert Capa captures the moment when a Spanish soldier is hit by a bullet during the Civil War.

3 / 5: The Assignment
President of the German Employers’ Association Hanns Martin Schleyer as a prisoner of the RAF in September 1977.

3 / 6: The handshake
Soviet and American soldiers meet on the bridge over the Elbe in Torgau in 1945.

3 / 7: The proof
US spy planes document Soviet missiles based on Cuba with a special camera in 1962. The beginning of a crisis that brings the world to the brink of the Third World War.

3 / 8: The Legendary Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe performs before American soldiers during the Korean War.

3 / 9: Racial hatred
In 1933, a woman and a man in Cuxhaven are denounced for their German-Jewish relationship in public.

3 / 10: The victim
Student Benno Ohnesorg is shot and killed by the police during a demonstration on 2 June 1967 against the Shah’s visit to Berlin: a shot that changed the republic.

Ulrich Lenze, Karin Rieppel, Nina Steinhauser Guido Knopp Carl-Franz Hutterer, Michael Fischer Jutta Pernice Klaus Doldinger 1991-1994 10 minutes per sequel ab 08.07.1991 - 24.04.1994, ZDF
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