Balkan in Flames


The “Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” is considered Tito’s utopia of a multi-ethnic state. After the death of the dictator, however, the construct breaks down at breakneck speed. The atrocities of the wars that led to the collapse of Yugoslavia are present up until today. The “Balkans” have still not come to rest and blue helmets are still deployed in Kosovo. What do we know about the history of the Republic of Yugoslavia and its decay? What were the reasons why friends and neighbors suddenly faced each other as enemies? This three-part documentary series will shed light on the historical causes of the conflicts – including the Balkan Wars and their consequences to this present day.

Episode 1: Tinderbox Yugoslavia
Episode 2: A state falls apart
Episode 3: Yugoslavia in ruins

Franziska von Tiesenhausen, Klaus Kastenholz Franziska von Tiesenhausen, Klaus Kastenholz, Veronika Mendler Tomislav Krnić, Amel Đikoli, Nikola Krivokuca, Ion Casado, Micha Bojanowski, Andrzej Król, Jeroen van Zuilen, Terry Manthey Doreen Buchholz, Sven Voß Henning Tietz Martin Glos, Christian Ziegler Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Stefan Bomhof, Veronika Mendler Dagmar Rosenbauer Susanne Krause-Klinck, Christian Deick, Michael Strompen ZDF Ljubljana, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrad, Srebrenica, Pristina, London, Berlin, München u.a. 3x45 /52 min. 3x45 min. 05/06/2019, 8:15 p.m., ZDF info
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