Marie Aldenhoven has achieved it all within her Twenties: she is young, successful and manages the private bank located in Berlin she inherited from her father, Aldenhoven & Kant, together with her husband. Until one night she becomes a witness of something that throws her perfect life off balance. Marie is certain that she has become an eye witness to a murder in the office. But there is no blood at the supposed crime scene and no body – not even traces of a fight. Neither her husband nor her secret lover Tom believe her story, so Marie begins to investigate on her own. The deeper she digs, the less certain she becomes of whom she can trust. Marie becomes involved in a conspiracy that is connected to her own past.

Katharina Hajos, Constanze Fischer Marcus O. Rosenmüller Stefan Spreer Sonja Strömer Majie Pötschke Manfred Banach Bo Rosenmüller Rike Schmid, Herbert Knaup, Marc Zwinz, Joachim Kappl, Jale Arikan, Barbara Morawiecz Caroline von Senden, Esther Winkler, ZDF Dirk Hermes Dagmar Rosenbauer Berlin und Umgebung 08.05.-12.06.2007 25.02.2008 ZDF
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