Auf der Suche nach Verantwortung und Moral


The gap between rich and poor is expanding. What are the ties that still bind our society? In this film, we meet people from different backgrounds trying to cope with life according to their own standards of responsibility and morality. Homeless Ben Busing is trying to get his life back under control, court clerk Andrea Garroth devotes most of her spare time to a cultural association for children called “Lukulule”, ship owner and millionaire Peter Kramer donates half his yearly income to schools in Africa. Court officer Dirk Wolowski, Budnikowsky owner Cord Wöhlke, who founded the “Budnianer” aid organization. Paediatric nurse Bettina Stöterau, whose very job is about taking on responsibility. Manager Marc Hübscher and his breath-taking honest.

Klaus Balzer Andreas Stonawski Hardo Moritz Roland Musolff Jörg Kunkel Moritz Hansen Thomas Schuhbauer Christoph Mestmacher 26.05.2008
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