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The film tells the fictional story of an inheritance in far-off America: twenty suitcases from New York belonging to German immigrants who found refuge in America during the dark Nazi period. Udo Lindenberg takes them to Germany on the ocean liner QE II, to Europe, back into the world. Each suitcase holds the same content: a song demo, yellowed text fragments, torn note sketches, testimonies of the Jewish-German cultural metropolis of Berlin in the twenties. Udo Lindenberg is accompanied by Ellen ten Damme, Horst Buchholz, Helge Schneider and others. Lindenberg proves that the compositions and songs by Kurt Weill, Friedrich Hollaender, Marlene Dietrich, the Comedian Harmonists, Hanns Eisler, Bertolt Brecht and others, which at the time were regarded as “degenerate”, can today be given a new, modern interpretation and are highly relevant to today. The story ends in a spectacular new show with Udo Lindenberg, the Panic Orchestra, Die Prinzen, Tim Fischer, Otto Sander, Ellen ten Damme and others with the music (and literature) of German emigrants who were forced into exile in America in the 30s for racial, religious and political reasons.

Nils Willbrandt, Hark Bohm Nils Willbrandt, Hark Bohm Georgij Pestov Jörg-Uwe Tinkl Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze Jörg Sonntag, Radio Bremen 90 Min. 03.11.2002, ARD um 15.05 Uhr Udo Lindenberg,Horst Buchholz, Ellen ten Damme, Heinz Hoenig, Natalia Dorra, Helge Schneider, Otto Sander, Yvonne Catterfeld, Die Prinzen, Tim Fischer, Panikorchester u.a.
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