Arte RE: The ghost mansions of Orljevo and Gomilica (WT)

in Production ZDF/ARTE

In the Serbian villages of Orljevo and Gomilica, one villa follows the next – but the houses stand empty. Their owners work all their lives in Austria or Germany, earning money to maintain and steadily expand the property back home. The ghost mansions of Orljevo and Gomilica are supposed to express wealth and prosperity – and yet they stand for hundreds of lives full of work and deprivation and the vicious circle in which generations of guest workers continually find themselves. Massive labor migration drains entire villages and the entire infrastructure. Mostly only the old people return. Is there a future for Serbia’s aging villages?

Mirella Pappalardo n.n.b. n.n.b. Valentin van Riswyck Stefanie Gimpel Ron Glavas Victoria Vorbröker Stefan Bomhof ZDF/Arte Miriam Carbe Serbien (Orljevo, Gomilica), Österreich (Wien) 1 x 33 Min
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