und andere Kleinigkeiten


This entertaining film tells the stories of people who have shaped our time over the past 40 years and, against society’s expectations and despite fading strength, continue to hold their own with their courage, self-will, curiosity and radicalness.

Still in demand as an actress, rabbi or scientist – society depends on their experiences, creativity and knowledge. At a time when aging is still seen as a threat, and scenes of poverty among the elderly, dementia and generation conflicts dominate public debate, the viewer is given the chance to identify with our protagonists. They demonstrate a variety of ways to deal with aging and to live a life full of passion and willpower.

Angela Scheele, Marion Kollbach Axel Schneppat, Matthias Wittkuhn, Martina Radwan Markus Schmidt, Tobias Klutke Maria Hemmleb Anne Weber Britta Lehnert Jörg Kunkel Dr. Sunna Altnöder Ulrich Lenze NDR / Arte Kathrin Bronnert (NDR/Arte) Deutschland, New York, London November - December 2013 05.09.2014, Arte Documentary, 1 x 52 min.
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