The love of his life has run away with his old best friend and colleague. Now, Josef Zuckmaier, Chief Inspector in Munich, yet again has to work together with the man who once stole his wife. “King”, tycoon of the city’s red-light district, brought behind bars by Josef and his former friend years ago, has escaped from prison. He has taken hostages and wants to swap them for the two policemen. All strategies to overwhelm the “King” fall short of success. Only his wife can help.

Hartmut Schoen Hartmut Schoen Eeva Fleig Ed Cantu Stefanie Bieker Bertram Strauß Big Peper Thomas Schwetje Gregori Winkowski Dagmar Rosenbauer Bettina Ricklefs Alexander Held, Armin Rohde, Maria Schrader, Matthias Koerberlin, Christina Große, Irene Rindje, Oliver K. Wnuk u.a. Bayern und Tirol Bavaria and Tyrol BR 25.01.2012, ARD
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