Ärztepfusch – Patienten klagen an


Every year up to 750,000 patients are wrongly treated by German hospitals. Many of them suffer irreparable injuries or require permanent nursing care. “More than 17,000 patients die from the consequences of medical errors”, says Professor Matthias Schrappe, initiator of the Patient Safety Alliance and the first person to hold a chair in Patient Safety. It can happen to any of us. That is why this documentary aims to show.

Wolfgang Klauser Wolfgang Klauser Michael Plundrich Sven Voss Marco Weichler Britta Lehnert Jörg Kunkel Ulrich Lenze Sabrina Hermsen Hamburg Aug - Dec 2011 ZDFzoom 19.01.2011, ARD und 22.02.2011, NDR
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