Der Greenpeace-Macher – David McTaggart


David McTaggart was an adventurer with a mission. He put his life in the service of environmental protection. The Canadian born in 1932 formed the environmental organization Greenpeace and turned it into a lobbying machine feared by industry and governments. In his late forties he becomes a dropout who aimlessly sets to sea on his sailing boat. In 1973, he encounters a group of French activists by chance and supports their fight against nuclear tests in the Pacific. Finally, he has found his mission. He forms a powerful public relations company out of the hippie crowd that is already calling itself Greenpeace and mobilizing the public with spectacular actions to halt nuclear tests. In 1985, he discovers that it was the French secret service who sank the Greenpeace ship “Rainbow Warrior” in the harbour of Auckland. But success has its price. McTaggart’s personal life is marked by broken marriages, countless affairs and guilt feelings towards his children, whom he took little care of.

Ingo Helm Thomas Schuhbauer Gerolf Karwath, Thomas Fischer Thomas Fischer Sonja Maxeiner Jörg Kunkel, Ingrid Eckerle Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze 04/02/2003, ARD SWR und Arte
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