Der Eiswanderer – Arved Fuchs


Arved Fuchs has made living adventures his job. The fifty-year-old North German has crossed Greenland, circled Cape Horn and sailed through the world’s most dangerous sea. He is the only person to go to the North and South Poles within a year. But his aim is not to break new records, but to live an intense experience and satisfy his deep curiosity. In 1979, on his first Arctic expedition, Fuchs spends several months with the Inuit. From them he learns how to survive in the snow and cold with temperatures of minus 50 degrees and he begins to love this icy, inhospitable land. In 1989, he crosses Antarctica on foot together with Reinhold Messner. This 92-day march increases his popularity, but the subsequent media frenzy drives a deep wedge between him and Messner. Dozens of expeditions follow, which he undertakes on his own: in Shackleton’s footsteps through the Arctic Ocean, on an old whaling ship through the Northeast Passage or around the American continent. Fuchs survived all these dangers by always accurately calculating their risk. And he has – as friends attest – remained enviably normal.

Gunther Scholz Thomas Schuhbauer Gerolf Karwath, Thomas Fischer Thomas Fischer Sonja Maxeiner Jörg Kunkel, Ingrid Eckerle Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze 11.06.2003, ARD SWR und Arte
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