Der Dschungelläufer – Rüdiger Nehberg


The man who is known to many as an earthworm-eating madman, has made his way through jungle regions, shimmering salt deserts, fighting foaming rapids, and surviving fifteen armed robberies. Born in 1935, Nehberg’s adventuring is only a side-line to his profession as a pastry chef. Although afraid of going into the dark cellar as a child, he defeats the Blue Nile in a folding boat in 1975, walks across the Danakil Desert and crosses the Atlantic both in a pedal boat and on a tree trunk. Nehberg is always in search of dangerous situations to conquer. But not all adventures end well: in Ethiopia, he loses a friend who is shot by robbers in front of his eyes. In 1981, he makes “survival” popular in Germany when he crosses the country from north to south. The only rules: no special equipment, only live off what you find on your way, do not violate any laws, do not beg and respect nature. Today, Nehberg uses his popularity for humanitarian concerns. His motto: “give meaning to the adventure.”

Christian Weißenborn Thomas Schuhbauer Gerolf Karwath, Thomas Fischer 03/31/2003, ARD Sonja Maxeiner Jörg Kunkel, Ingrid Eckerle Andreas Knoblauch Ulrich Lenze SWR und Arte
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