European Film Market Screening “Borgward” at the Berlinale

    CinemaxX 14 | 12.02.2019 | 13:00

    A biopic about an outstanding North German personality who became a symbol for the glamour and hubris of the years of Germany’s post-war economic miracle. In the 1950s the name Borgward (actor Thomas Thieme) stood for Germany’s economic resurgence as a nation of car-makers. The model Isabella was the first saloon car for average earners and today has cult status. But in 1961 the car company from Bremen unexpectedly went bankrupt. It was the first failure in the success story of the young West German republic. The film covers the dramatic weeks and months of the Borgward insolvency, triggered by a story in Spiegel magazine which caused shareholders to go on the warpath. What really happened behind the scenery at Borgward?



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